Video: Alfa Romeo 4C "Back to the USA"

Alfa Romeo makes its return to the US with its new sports car, the 4C. Although it was originally made for the world premiere of the car at Geneva, it shows off the new Alfa Romeo and the brand's return set in the heart of the USA. Dusty roads, acoustic guitars, towns in the middle of nowhere are just some of what you can expect to see in this commercial. The video opens to the sun coming up over the horizon to music you would expect from an old country film. The Alfa Romeo 4C takes off after some of the car's features have been highlighted, passing a woman playing a guitar, sitting outside her trailer. More winding roads ensue, paddle shifters are used, and the 4C passes an old gas station and market. When the new 4C passes by, people can't help but to watch it, as if they've never seen it before. Next on the Alfa Romeo's path is an old white church you'd expect to drive by in a small town like this, with a woman in a red dress gazing longingly as the car drives by her. The car doesn't stop for anything, passing by beaches, driving on the sand, until it returns home to a row of candles and a garage full of past-generation Alfa Romeos.
It's only after the car comes to a stop that its wind trail kicks up, passing by all those it drove by, blowing the scarf of the woman in the red dress away, making the kids on the beach smile. The video comes to an end as the man who was driving the Alfa Romeo 4C catches the scarf and the wind blows out the candles lining his driveway.'s take: Although country and western settings are very "American," this video leaves a lot to be desired. It feels cliche in the sense that by making its return to the U.S., it has to be set in the desert, with nothing around except for a few small buildings and people. When you think of the return of Alfa Romeo, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury and class, something you'd find in a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles or New York. There are some nice shots of the car, but the video is wrong for the 4C and what Alfa Romeo was trying to accomplish. Source: Alfa Romeo via YouTube