Video: America's Best-Selling Ford F-150 Gets a Very British Review

By Matthew Askari | June 07, 2013
Perspectives are a very splendid thing. Especially when it comes to a meat n' potatoes top-seller like the Ford F-150. A little while back when we drove the 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat with EcoBoost, we were taken by its luxury and utility. But as we observed, the only things "Eco" about the popular pickup were the name of its V-6 engine, and badges. But what happens when someone who's not used to seeing and driving these vehicles gets some wheel time?
We came across this video review from the UK's Auto Express and thought it was spot on. Having lived a couple of years in Europe, I gained a greater understanding of the global market. How we use and relate to our cars in different countries is fascinating. And in recent years we've seen the American market change, and slowly resemble that of our friends across the pond. "European-inspired" cars like the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Cruze have had great success. And German automakers like Audi and Volkswagen have dramatically expanded their diesel engine presence in the U.S. But what happens when the Euros drive a classic American pickup? You can check out the video below, to find out:

Source: Auto Express