Video: Audi Sport Quattro Concept in Motion

By Matthew Askari | November 01, 2013
To celebrate 100,000 "likes" on Facebook in just six months, Audi Communications has released a short video of the Audi Sport Quattro Concept in motion. There were rumors a few months before the show that Audi would bring back a concept similar to the Quattro Concept it showed off at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. Sure enough, the new Audi concept debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month to great fanfare. The Audi Sport Quattro Concept is an aesthetic homage to the automaker's racing and rallying heritage, but this one packs 700 horses. Employing a twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine paired to an electric motor, the Sport Quattro Concept can hit 60 mph in about 3.7 seconds, and boasts a top speed of 190 mph. There have also been rumors that Audi would produce the Sport Quattro Concept in very limited numbers, perhaps 10 units or so. But if rumors of its R8 price tag are to be believed—and some say more—then it will be collectors and enthusiasts seizing the model for its rarity, more than for its looks. And while there have been no shortage of static images of the Audi Sport Quattro Concept, we've yet to see it in action, until now:

Source: Audi