Video Charts Evolution of BMW X5 Through Three Generations

By Jacob Brown | June 06, 2013
This may be the first and only time outside a mall parking lot that you see all three generations of the BMW X5 midsize crossover next to one another. BMW just introduced the 2014 X5 a little more than a week ago, showing what it says will be a larger, more powerful, and more efficient vehicle. Its tweaks look so evolutionary that this side by side by side really helps put it into perspective of what all BMW has done to make the X5 what it is today. The original BMW X5 was introduced in 1999 and shared much of its development with Land Rover, which BMW owned at the time. That could be part of the reason why it came with a split-folding tailgate and continues to do so 15 years later. If it worked for the Britons for 30 years prior, it should be good enough for the Germans. Over the years, it has grown, both to make room for the smaller BMW X3 and to meet the needs of demanding luxury crossover shoppers in need of a posh ride. Presenter Chris Brow says that its interior is now up to par with the BMW 7 Series in many facets. BMW has also swapped out the the first-generation X5's four-wheel-drive system for xDrive all-wheel drive in the succeeding generations, increased horsepower in the V-8 model from 282 ponies to 445, added an available third row of seats to make it a seven-passenger vehicle, and thrown in its latest suite of technology.
It all adds up to one sophisticated crossover, ready to stand up to the competition for yet another seven-year model cycle, so BMW hopes. Watch the video below. Which generation is your favorite?

Source: BMW via YouTube