Video: Cop Cars! Motor Trend's WOT Episode 16

By Matthew Askari | May 18, 2012
Used to be getting pulled over meant seeing the flashing lights of a Ford Crown Victoria as the image to accompany that deep sinking feeling; now, thanks to a little progress and a host of new toys for cops, you might see a Dodge Charger Pursuit, or a Chevy Caprice PPV, or even Ford's latest police offering, the Ford Interceptor. The Interceptor is based off of the Ford Taurus and has two available engines, including a 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine that tallies 150-hp more than the Crown Victoria it replaces. The Dodge Charger Pursuit is the second-generation cop car for Dodge. The rear-wheel-drive Pursuit can be powered by one of two engines as well, including a beefy Hemi V-8 good for 370-hp. Not to be left out, Chevrolet has created the Chevy Caprice PPV, but this one will be a hard sell as it's manufactured in Australia, and police departments often buy domestically produced vehicles. Which one's best for the task of protecting and serving? For all the details you can check out Motor Trend's WOT Episode 16 below:

Source: Motor Trend's WOT Episode 16


Very cool video, I liked it a lot.