Video Double Dose: Ferrari FF Drives Epically and Mercedes-Benz Unimog Goes Through Rough Stuff

By Jacob Brown | March 25, 2013
So if you had a trip to Hawaii to plan, what would you drive? Yeah, a $350,000 Ferrari FF isn't a bad choice. And who from theĀ Motor TrendĀ crew would you bring along? Yeah, we imagine we'd pick host Jessi Lang, too. Arthur St. Antoine picked both the Big Island and Lang; the island because "Why not?" and Lang because she had just come back from the Arctic. Have some compassion. The dynamic duo toured the Big Island, finding a coffee plantation, the tallest mountain on the island, and got to exercise the 2013 Ferrari FF on Chain of Craters Road--admit it, that's what you think your potholed neighborhood should be called after a harsh winter. Best yet, Lang got to try her hand at the FF, her first time behind the wheel of a Ferrari. We can't imagine a better paradise...

...except for host Jonny Lieberman's trek to Gaggenau, Germany, to drive a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U4000. I already asked Jonny if it'd be possible to drive one in the U.S.; sorry, Mercedes doesn't have any here. That's just depressing, but that's not to say you can't get a used one here if you search hard enough. Alas, his adventure can make even the saddest car enthusiast feel better after taking this week's Ignition episode through both the history of the Unimog and off-road.

Used by the military and in industrial applications around the world, the Unimog has a ton of trick features that make it nothing short of an off-road supercar, er truck. It's unstoppable. Between learning of its history at the Unimog museum, seeing how it has evolved since 1947 to taking it up an 80-percent (!) grade hill. Yeah, we want one. And you'll want one, too, after checking out Lieberman's review.

Source: Motor Trend via YouTube (1,2)