Video: Drifting a Toyota GT86 in the Snow

By | April 02, 2013
Motor Trend introduces the next installment of The Downshift, traveling all the way to Norway to see what Fredric Asabo, a Formula Drift driver, does with his time during his off-season. The video opens up to Asabo working on a car, talking about where he got his inspiration to become a drifter. He sees an online video of a Japanese drifter while sitting in a classroom when he was fifteen, and he becomes instantly hooked on the sport. Ten years after that moment, Asabo went up against that same driver in Long Beach, California. The scene shifts from footage of Asabo drifting on the snow to him on the track, explaining what it takes to drift. "Drifting is all about control. It's about controlling a car that's out of control. It's a show," says Asabo. He explains that drifting is a way for people to express themselves.
Going back to the snow, they are now in Norway, where Asabo will take out the Toyota GT86, known here in the U.S. as the Scion FR-S. He explains that because there's a lot of snow and not much to do there, they take out their cars and drive. He talks about what makes a good drift car, which he says is any rear-wheel drive vehicle with updated steering and suspension. The video closes with scenes of Asabo and his friends drifting on the frozen roads of his hometown, with him reminiscing about the lines they had painted on the roads when they were younger that are still there. He goes on to say that it's great to get back on his home turf and spend quality time with family and friends. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube