Video Enjoyment of the Day: New Lexus GS 350

By Jason Davis | August 24, 2011
A few years back, the most popular exhibit at the Los Angeles Auto Show was the then-new Lexus IS-F. It was on a raised platform outside, atop a dynamometer so that, like an amusement attraction, auto goers could wait in line for a motionless joyride through all seven of the car's new gears. Each run only lasted half a minute, and despite the noise and hubbub inside various showrooms, every time someone walked inside or out, the deep wailing of the IS-F's 416-hp V-8 sang through the halls. But more impressive than the engine sound was the automatic "throttle blip" for each downshift as the drive wheels slowed. The "blip" of the throttle on downshifting is a driving technique race car drivers use to slow the car when cornering, but simultaneously allowing the engine to stay in its zone of power. When I walked up to the attraction, I saw a 12 year-old kid jumping out of the driver's seat, flicking his hair like he was removing a helmet after a run on the Nurburgring race track.
The effect was startling, and so it is here, in Lexus Europe's YouTube video of the new GS 350 motoring around a curvy road course. Lexus incorporated the throttle blip into the IS-F's transmission, and it's on the new GS 350, too. And yes, the GS 350 sings. Pay attention to the electronically adjustable suspension and driver's mode settings as audible bursts of the 3.5-liter V-6's howl break up the video's soundtrack. Clearly, Lexus is aiming for more of the enthusiast crowd with the new GS, yet the subtle, handsome styling is sure to attract even those who are unfamiliar with its track aspirations, like Mom. Imagine Mom, on her way home from work or the grocery store, with her new GS 350 downshifting and chirping as she pulls up to a stop sign. Not since the paddle has she been so intimidating.

Source: Lexus