Video: Ford's Doug Scott Talks Trucks

For this installment of Motor Trend's Wide Open Throttle, Ford Truck's Marketing Manager Doug Scott sits down with some big names to talk about the show-stopping Atlas Concept and its controversial debut. So what else can Ed Loh, Johnny Lieberman, Allyson Harwood, John Cappa, and Doug Scott possibly talk about than the Atlas concept? Well, more trucks. The video starts out with all five sitting around a table, where we get an introduction on who Doug Scott is before moving into the nitty gritty of the episode. He has been with Ford for 35 years, and for the past 36, the Ford F-150 has been the sales leader in its segment. Scott must be doing something right. First up in the discussion is the Atlas and the controversy it brought when it showed up at the Detroit Auto Show and stole the spotlight from its competitors. Scott dispels many of the rumors floating around about the show and tells the panel that regardless of what its competitors were bringing, the Atlas was planned to attend the show from the get-go.
Moving on, the group talks about the small pickup segment and if Ford was going to be bringing something to the table anytime soon. Scott goes over the history and present of the segment, indicating the reason it fell off. Ed Loh believes Scott to be incredibly kind when talking about Ford's major competitors. Watch the video below to see if this is the case, as well as the funny antics of the panel and the answers to all questions directed at Scott. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube