Video: Ignition Episode 66 - BMW M3

On this episode of Ignition, Motor Trend's Carlos Lago returns to the track, driving his favorite German sports car. Not only is Lago testing out the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition, but also the late-80s E30, mid-90s E36, and millennial E46 M3. After 28 years of evolution, from the E30 to the E90, has the BMW M3 lost its edge? Each car resembles the next evolution, and starting off the story is the E30 M3. It created a brand and series of cars that caught on and sold well in the states. It was light and nimble, taking whatever you could throw at it. As such a fun car to drive, it would have been such a tragedy if its replacement didn’t make it to American soil. The E36 M3 marked a massive growth of BMW's M division. It shared body panels with the standard 3 Series, and only the details and weight were different. The E36 was faster and more capable than its predecessor, but if it weren’t for enthusiasts pleading for the automaker to bring it on our soil, we might have never known.
The next-generation M3, the E46, shared fewer components with the standard 3 Series. Although it felt bigger and heavier than the two previous editions, it retained the easy sense of control even though it had a massive performance leap. As one of the best all-around cars in the world, the E92 M3 Lime Rock Edition feels like a race car. It likes those higher revs, it's flexible and easy to drive in virtually any situation, whether you're drifting around a racetrack, or driving in a responsible and smoother manner. So has the BMW M3 lost its edge over the years? Watch the video below to find out. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube