Video: Ignition Episode 70

For this episode of Motor Trend's Ignition, Carlos Lago tests out the 2013 Honda Civic Si. It has a naturally aspirated engine and is attempting to compete in an increasingly competitive sport compact segment. Can this car really take on the turbocharged Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf GTI? The Honda Civic is currently in its ninth generation, with some Si models being more successful than others. For this version, the hardware seems right, it has 201 horsepower and sounds good, but how does it hold up? During all tests, Lago believes it performs great, he notes that it's almost too safe in its handling. Although it's a fast car and can maintain speeds comparable with an ST, it doesn’t surprise or challenge the driver. See what else Carlos Lago thought of the 2013 Honda Civic Si in the video below. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube
  • 2013 Honda Civic Si