Video: Is Volvo Teasing the Next-Generation XC90 SUV?

In this latest teaser video from Volvo, we get 11 seconds of a man walking up to a lighthouse. There are no hints as to what will be unveiled, except for what might be an SUV to the left of him. It's hard to speculate what we will see in the debut, but it's possible we could see the new XC90. The Volvo XC90 is certainly due for an update; the original first bowed all the way back in the 2003 model year. Ten years is a long, long time for a single model to be on sale. The only real information from this video worthwhile is the announcement that there will be a world premiere on May 17, 2013 at 8:30 pm CET. The theme of the video is "Leave the World Behind," further solidifying that this is potentially about an updated SUV. In the teaser video before this, there is even less information given. It shows the same theme, and the same person, only this time, he's in a boat on the water that can be seen in the second video. There is absolutely no hint of any vehicle. It begs a Zen-like question: If an auto manufacturer teases a new vehicle without showing it at all, will anybody care?
Watch the teaser below to see what you think will be revealed. Source: Volvo via YouTube