Video: Italian Invasion Fiat 500L

Fiat has released a new commercial signaling the Fiat 500L coming to the U.S. This Italian invasion video imagines what it would have been like had the Italians invaded America and not the British. The commercial is less about the war and more about fun, and maybe a little about the Fiat 500L itself. A cloud of dust peaks out around a bend of trees, signaling that someone is coming, presumably the British, but instead of men on horseback, we're given the image of four red Fiat 500L cars driving along the road. Things take a turn for the fun, with the people in the town getting ready to have a party, changing not only their appearances, but the time period as well. The Italians know how to make an entrance. Think this is going to be better than the tea party? Watch the video below to get a look at the all-new Fiat 500L that is making its way to our waters.
Source: Fiat via YouTube