Video: Jaguar Gets Axed to Bits

By Matthew Askari | June 08, 2012
Designers often will make a clay mold of a design before an actual car—sheet metal and all— gets the final nod. These clay models allow the designers to fine-tune the design, both aesthetically and aerodynamically, before the expensive process of making sheet metal dies begins. Of course, once they're done, there's a big car-shaped lump of clay taking up space in the design studio. So what to do with it? Why, make a video, of course. In the video below a group of serious scowl-wearing gents arm themselves with crude axes to smash up a perfectly good Jaguar model. For some reason, it's fun to watch. The images are sharp, there's a good song, and this seems a necessary and cathartic release for the fine fellows featured in the video.
Source: YouTube