Video: Jaguar's F-Type Is "Bloody Quick, Innit?" Says Martin Brundle

By Blake Z. Rong | April 09, 2012
Jaguar coyly teased us tantalized journalists at New York last week with fleeting glimpses of the forthcoming Jaguar F-Type, all with the crystal clear message: it's definitely happening. The company's smaller sports car will be even more "driver-focused" and responsive than legions of power-addicted XKRS-Ss. And this video teaser with British race car driver Martin Brundle shows us its clearest look yet. The new F-Type will be a convertible, and Jaguar's first two-seat sports car in over 50 years since the original E-Type. (The XK, if you can recall, seats four but only on paper.) It's no surprise that the heritage thing is big at Jaguar, and the F-Type promises to be . That's why ex-F1 racing driver and motorsports commenter Martin Brundle—doing his finest Michael Caine impression—introduced the F-Type with Jaguar's chief dynamics engineer Mike Cross, and walked away with nothing but raves. "Bloody quick, innit?" he gushes, "very fast and nimble, a true sports car." Hey, we'll take it from him over most others.
Ultimately, Jaguar wants to see the F-Type unveiled sometime in 2013, with technical details announced later this year. We can't wait. We'll just have to settle with the sweet sounds of the F-Type, introduced in this teaser video and sounding glorious. Is that the car's actual exhaust note? Who knows. But just like aliens and my chances at dating Adriana Lima, I want to believe. Source: Jaguar


This is awesome, its speed, sound everything. It looks promising. can't wait for it.