Video: Jerry Seinfeld Has A New Show That's Vaguely About Cars And Mostly About Comedy

By Blake Z. Rong | July 06, 2012
Like Marines and ex-presidents, standup comedians never die: they just get restless and start side projects. Jerry Seinfeld is taking to the web with a new show about comedy, which admittedly doesn't narrow it down, except it all takes place inside one of his many, many cars. The show is called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which probably has little to do with the automobiles in a caffeinated setting that's swept various metropolitan areas in the past decade. It's set as simply as its premise: a bunch of funny people, riding in an automobile on their way to pick up bean-based stimulants and talking, presumably, about whatever comes to mind. Is it an excuse to show off Seinfeld's fabulously extravagant Porsche collection? It'd be cramped in a 550 Spyder. The minute-long promo does show some sweet cars: a Porsche 356; a Mercedes "Pagoda" SL; a Triumph TR6; a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 in B5 Blue Pearl; a split-window Kafer; an Austin-Healey 3000M; and a Starbucks venti mocha frappucino. "Looks like an excuse to show off his cars," says YouTube, but hey—that's what happens when you're one of the most famous comedians in existence.
And a few other famous comedians join him: Larry David, Alec Baldwin, former costar Michael Richards, and Ricky Gervais. If you haven't seen Talking Funny, I'd highly recommend it: a smart, slightly wise glimpse into how some of the biggest comedians alive today got to become where they are today. This promises to have the same sort of introspective, deep, random, and funny casual conversations among comedians that have made comedy podcasts explode in recent months. Will we ever get sick of comedians acting like themselves? Until they put the staff on a reality show bender, with our own Teamster film crew, then probably not.