Video: Kia’s Hamsters Shuffle to a Different Beat in New Commercial

By Jacob Brown | August 26, 2011
Admit it, you start tapping your foot every time a Kia Soul commercial comes on, featuring those so-cool-it-hurts, beat-boxing hamsters. In some spots, the hamsters can be seen cruising around in the Soul whilst the world turns on its same-old hamster wheels. In others, they’re rapping. Somehow, though, the “hamstars,” as Kia likes to call them, make buying a subcompact seem so much more appealing than it used to be. Now, Kia has come up with a new campaign featuring the hippest rodents you’ll ever see for the refreshed 2012 Kia Soul. Called “Share Some Soul,” the minute-long spot features a futuristic world that looks like something out of the Halo video games. And then in comes our three furry heroes to the rescue, dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” by the appropriately named group LMFAO. If you don’t smile and feel like busting a move after watching the spot below, you might want to consult a doctor. That said, it’s Kia’s catchy commercials that are possibly one of the top reasons the Soul has shot to the top of the subcompact segment in its two short years on the market. Look for this commercial to make its television debut during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.

Source: Kia