Video: LaFerrari Takes Seconds off Ferrari Enzo's Lap Time

Debuting at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari's newest model is called "LaFerrari," and despite the name, it's the fulfillment of any Ferrari lover's dreams. Not only does it improve on where the previous top-end Ferrari left off--that car was known as the Enzo, after company founder Enzo Ferrari--it has managed to take seconds off the Enzo's Fiorano lap time, a feat that is extremely hard to do. The LaFerrari was created with great vehicle dynamics, including a new hybrid system and active aerodynamic system. The new concept was designed and developed from the very outset with a constant interaction of all elements in mind. The new hybrid system is especially important, as it is constantly activated to ensure that power is always available. Because of the synergistic combination of all the elements that make up the LaFerrari, it has a peak speed of 165 mph on the Fiorano straightaway, which is 12 miles faster than the legendary Enzo. Also in thanks to the hybrid system, the V-12 engine that produces an already impressive 800 horsepower, receives an extra boost when the hybrid system releases power from the electric motor. Active aerodynamics have adopted a configuration to improve on drag reduction. The rear spoiler will lower, flaps on rear and front diffusers lower, and the guide vane on the underbody will open. Adding to this, longitudinal deceleration has been improved by 15 percent, thanks to the improved braking capacity of the integrated control of all systems. The active aerodynamics have been configured to also maximize down force by having the rear spoiler and rear diffuser rise, guide vein close, and front diffuser flaps close. The hybrid system goes into regenerative braking mode, guaranteeing batteries are recharged even under the harshest braking. This means that stopping distances have been reduced by almost 100 feet when stopping from 125 mph to a standstill. When in the corners, steering wheel response has been increased by 30 percent, with lateral acceleration increasing as well. The new car has tires that are 20 mm larger than the Enzo, which have been adopted to improve lateral acceleration and cornering speed. The car has been equipped with a virtual race engineer, providing the driver with extremely specific and useful information. The LaFerrari delivers absolutely exceptional performance, significantly improving on even the legendary Enzo's achievements. How does it all come together? Check out the video below to see for yourself. Source: Ferrari via Youtube