Video: Mazda MX-5 Ultimate Frisbee

Mazda MX-5 Miata drivers know how to have a good time, at least, that's the message in this new ad. A few guys take their cars and head to the Longcross Race Track in Surrey, UK to attempt some ultimate Frisbee action with the use of just their cars. All throws are precise, the different attempts are rather impressive, and the men in this video seem to accomplish each catch with ease. Whether doing donuts or driving down the road, each attempt is successful and the fun keeps rising as the video plays out. These men bounce Frisbees off the ground, throw them off platforms, kick them into the trunk of their cars, making it look as if they're having the best time. However, they were helped with a professional driver, so no matter what they tried doing, it was safe and controlled, and ultimately fun. Either way, there's probably a hilarious outtakes video out there, somewhere.
Watch the video below and see how you can have "Fun in the Sun" with your Mazda MX-5. Source: Mazda via YouTube