Video: Mercedes-Benz C-Class C63 Black Series Comes out of the Dark

By Joel Arellano | May 09, 2012
The Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black Series is one of the most lusted-after supercars among Mercedes line. We can only imagine the conversation when Mercedes engineers went up to tuner division AMG, dropped off the C-Class coupe to the surprised staff, and with the mandate, "make it faster." And the AMG folks certainly did. First, they got rid of those pesky rear seats to lighten the coupe. They then got to the "heart" of the C63 Coupe Black Series, equipping it with a 510-horsepower 6.3-liter V-8, 50 ponies higher than the C63's standard engine. Mercedes says the C63 AMG Black Series can go from zero to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. A seven speed automatic transmission is standard. Drivers can select from four different transmission settings in the C63 AMG Black Series, ranging from comfortable cruising to all-out racing. They can also fine-tune the coupe further by deactivating the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or enabling a RACE START setting for maximum track experience.
So are the changes worth it? Check out the following video which has the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C63 Black Series coupe slamming out of the warehouse into an unsuspecting town.

The Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Black Series is the fourth vehicle in AMG’s Black Series lineup, which began in 2006 with the European-only SLK55 AMG Black Series. Source: YouTube