Video: Mercedes-Benz G-Class Prances in Pretty Scenery, Through the Ages

By Matthew Askari | July 13, 2012
It'll run you six figures, most people with get an abysmal 12 miles per gallon in the city and it looks like a fancy, menacing Jeep Wrangler—still, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has endured a century, offering a can-do spirit that is parallel to none. Mercedes-Benz has released a new short video detailing the history and Evolution of the G-Class, with stunning video and narration by Germans who we assume have some authority and relevance in relation to the G-Wagen. Interestingly enough, the first model was built to roam the German part of Southwest Africa, and featured all-wheel-drive. But it wasn't until the Persian Shah requested a vehicle that was capable of driving anywhere, that global interest cultivated and Mercedes-Benz decided to create the first G-Class models.

Source: Mercedes-Benz