Video: MINI's "Makeup or Drive" Campaign Blows Up In Your Face, Literally

MINI has brought us an all-new commercial about women putting on makeup while driving. The video is centered around women in Mexico, and their driving statistics. According to the automaker, 22 percent of car accidents in Mexico are caused by women drivers. This commercial hopes to show that it's not safe to put on makeup and drive. During the setup of the commercial, people come in and install airbags in the soap dispensers in women's restrooms. The intent is to show women what can happen when they try to put on their makeup on the road. Airbags deploy, scaring the women. So just why did MINI feel the need to make this video? According to them 6 out of 10 women wouldn't dream of going to work without makeup, and 1 out of 4 women believe that not wearing makeup could cost them a promotion. These stats could explain why women frequently apply makeup while driving. There's a time and place for everything. Watch the video below to see the hilarious reactions of the poor women scared by the deploying airbags. I bet they'll think twice about putting on their makeup behind the wheel. Source: MINI via YouTube
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