Video of the Day: 2012 Corvette Z06 bests 'Ring Time by 20 Seconds!

By Jason Davis | June 24, 2011
Your gratuitous video-badassery of the day features the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 lapping the ‘Ring in 7:22.68, with Chevy ace test driver Jim Mero at the helm. Not bad, considering the last Z06 to make the rounds took all day, what with its heavier curb weight and less grippy tires. New for ’12 includes—you guessed it—weight savings, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes as big as your head, Chevrolet’s Performance Traction Management, Magnetic Selective Ride Control and the ultra-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires. Chevy maintains this setlist is bone stock, exactly what you’d get if you ponied up the base price of $74,375 plus $9497 for the Z07 performance package.
In case you missed it, a similarly-featured but $35,925 more expensive, Mero-driven ZR1 smoked a 7:19 on the same day. Not since my last go in Gran Turismo has the track seen such ferocity in annihilating the Green Hell. The 7.0-liter 505-hp LS7 V-8 just missed beating the ’09 Dodge Viper ACR by .58 seconds, but eclipsed the previous Z06 mark, set in 2005, by 20 seconds and was only 3 seconds off the mark set earlier in the day by older-bro ZR1. Considering the price, though, Motor Trend says it might just be “the Corvette to own.” So, if you’re into playing Peter Gibbons for your Friday morning break from the grind, lift your head from your desk and be transfixed by engineer Mero’s multiple-G pulling, rear-end sliding assault on the Deutschland tarmac. Just make sure to turn down the volume, or up if you have headphones or are at home today… Is this the Corvette to own? And if you were riding shotgun around the ‘Ring, which exotic superbeast would it be in?