Video of the Day: 2012 Mazda2 Takes On "The Wall Of Death"

By Matthew Askari | April 03, 2012
Sometimes you read something and you simply don't believe it. But then you're told there's video, but then again these days everything can be manipulated. The 2012 Mazda2 is a stout little runabout, light on its feet but also light on the stuff that makes it go. It's fun to handle, sure, yet with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that on its best days is good for 100 horsepower, this isn't a car you expect much from. The Demon Drome Wall of Death is famous for its vertical racing, and is usually tackled using old 1920s Indian motorcycles. As if that weren't absurd enough, the ante was upped (and upped again and again) by throwing a car into the mix. Apparently, this is legitimate. From what we gather the puny Mazda2 did have a little help in the form of a stiffer suspension, some tire adjusting, and the like. Still, a Mazda2 took on the notorious Wall of Death—and lived to tell the tale. Click the video below to check it out.

Source: Mazda via YouTube