Video of the Day: A Crash Course In Why The Acura NSX Was Awesome (And Why The New One Will Be Too)

By Blake Z. Rong | February 08, 2012
Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld aren't the only two people clamoring over the Acura NSX. What's there more to say about the NSX—the Sportscar eXperimental designed with input by the late, legendary F1 champion Aryton Senna, the wedge-shaped, popup-lighted creation that made the supercar establishment wake up and notice—that hasn't been said already? The Acura NSX is a big deal to many people, and there's a lot riding on the new one. And if you haven't an idea of what all the noise is about, then this video from Honda should refresh your memory. Straight from the motherland's brain trust, this Japanese video gives a Cliffs Notes rundown of the Acura NSX's history, its Le Mans successes, the I-would-sacrifice-my-own-grandmother-for-one NSX-R, and that sweet, sonorous engine note. Excited for the new one yet? Well if you're not, then that's ok—a few celebrities won't mind taking your place in line. Enjoy, and try to ignore the Youtube comments.



watch this....let's order one each!