Video of the Day: A Redneck Tug of War Between Ford and Chevy Trucks

By Sam Grossman | August 17, 2011
What's a truck for? Most people would say something about towing, hauling or off-roading. Of course, that doesn't describe everybody, especially our friends who proudly call themselves "rednecks." Besides large SUV's and semis, trucks are already some of the biggest vehicles on the road, but that doesn't mean you can't throw big 'ole tires on 'em and make 'em even bigger. As if this wasn't enough, what they do with these enlarged trucks is sure to provide a good laugh, as it did our team. Remember "tug of war?" Well, leave it to Adam (driving the Ford on the left) and Cooper (driving the Chevy on the right) to hook up their trucks and see which one's stronger. Maybe they should have checked their tow ratings before hitting the gas, however. We won't spoil the ending, so check out the video below to find out which of these home-made monster trucks wins the battle, and which one winds up in the junkyard.

Source: YouTube