Video of the Day: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Joins Fast & Furious 6 Fun

By Trevor Dorchies | May 07, 2013

Hollywood loves itself some sequels, as is evident this year (there are 25 sequels planned for release in 2013 alone!), but how many installments of a movie is too much? Fast & Furious 6, the sixth installment the movie with the same name, is set to be released this coming Friday and will feature all sorts of vehicles meeting a smashing death including a Ferrari 360, Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and now, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. If the latter doesn't sound very familiar, it shouldn't, because the Giulietta hasn't been available in the United States for over 60 years. If parent company, Fiat, has its way though, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta should be stateside once again sometime next year.

In today's installment of Video of the Day, we watch the Alfa Romeo Giulietta make its silver screen debut in the Fast & Furious franchise. The latest installment, aptly named "Fast & Furious 6," features the Alfa doing what most vehicles in the movie do best: Going fast and then crashing in grand fashion. In the clip below (dubbed in Italian, because Alfa) we see the Giulietta spin around, get rear-ended, and help bring down a military cargo plane all in the span of about seven seconds. If the previous six movies are any indication, the Giulietta isn't alone in the destruction. In fact, we can just about guarantee there are some other vehicles that will make you cringe upon its demise.

Want to see the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in Fast & Furious 6 for yourself? Then check out the trailers below. The first one is in Italian while the one below it is the official FF6 trailer with English audio.

Source: Alfa Romeo, YouTube