Video of the Day: Becoming a Manual, The Mini Way

By Jason Davis | September 26, 2011
Has slushbox tedium got to you? Are you bored with the mind-numbing simplicity of your daily beater's clunky transmission? If this sounds like you, and if you're craving more motoring exhilaration, then according to Mini, you might be experiencing symptoms of "Manualhood." That's why Mini put together a Public Service Announcement for this "awkward, but untimely awesome phase of life." Not since the great Patches O'Houlihan taught little Timmy the "5 D's of Dodgeball" has a vintage, how-to video been so inspirational. The video begins with Coach commenting on young Bobby's journey to manualhood, before later explaining, through a series of pubescent puns, the benefits of shifting your car manually, such as this quip: "So, if you're driving an automatic and you feel all tingly and weird, don't be ashamed. It's completely natural! You're becoming a manual." Coach also explains the changes one may encounter with manualhood, like an extra pedal, a stick, and savings at the dealership, and pump. And yes, according to Coach, "girls can become manuals, too." But most importantly, however, is Coach's sage advice on one's adapting to and conquering of change: "Your feet and hands will work together for the purest form of motoring bliss." So go ahead, give "manualhood" a try. You'll thank the coach later.

Source: Mini