Video of the Day: Behind the Scenes of "The Cliché RC Action Chase"

By Trevor Dorchies | August 02, 2013
It's hard to go somewhere in the world that hasn't heard of or seen a Ford Mustang. In celebration of a half century in production, Ford is launching an online video series dubbed "Mustang Countdown," and "Where it All Started: Mustang 1 Concept" kicks everything off. Then there's the (already) viral video that features two remote controlled Ford Mustangs racing through city streets. No, these Mustangs aren't capable of escorting full-size humans, and that's the point of the video. Director, and fresh out of film school graduate, Zach King didn't really know what to expect when he and a few friends began filming "The Cliché RC Action Chase." However, King did know that he did want to use Mustangs after going for a ride in a friend's life-size Blue Oval pony car. The brute strength of the Ford Mustang's V-8 was more than enough to convince King that it deserved to star in his next film. Once that was decided, King and some friends began constructing a miniature city block out of cardboard. King and Co. were able to make the city look much more expansive than it really was by simply rearranging the order that the buildings were in. A couple of customized Ford Mustang GT500 RC cars were used to portray the sports cars tearing through the city streets. According to King, the cars were easy to drift after a few practice runs, and a cliché RC action chase was born. We're not going to spoil everything here, but we'll say this: The irony of a GMC Savannah plowing through King's city at the end of the video is too great to ignore. Even in a playful video about the Ford Mustang, General Motors has to try and have the last word. Check out the video below for yourself.
Source: Ford