Video of the Day: Bigfoot Reacts to 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

By Joel Arellano | February 14, 2012
You know the drill. Driving down a curvy road, just the two of you, nary a car in sight. You both barely notice the dense woods lining the sides of the road like silent sentinels; instead, you enjoy the smooth ride of your 2013 Hyundai Genesis while being lulled into near-somnolence by the hum of the coupe's 348 horsepower engine. Then a figure appears near the middle of the road, tall, dark, and hairy. You just have time to react: a quick twist of the Genesis' steering wheel, a squeal, and you're safely around said figure with barely a shutter, never mind a squeal, from the Hyundai coupe. Shocked, you and your companion echo the same question: "Holy crap? Was that a sasquatch"? (That's Canadian for bigfoot for your Americans.) Well, now imagine the sasquatch's reaction:

Source: Hyundai, YouTube