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Video of the Day: BMW Art Car Collection Opens Virtual Doors Online

By Joel Arellano | July 12, 2011
BMW has opened the virtual gates to an online tour of its famed BMW Art Cars. The BMW Art Car collection was envisioned by Frenchman Hervé Poulain, an auctioneer and race car driver. Wanting to marry his passions of art and cars, Poulain commissioned sculptor Alexander Calder to create what would be the first BMW Art Car, the BMW 3.0. CSL. BMW in turn created the Art Car Collection. States Poulain, “One day, I said to myself, now is the time to do something grandly communicative and heroic and unite my two passions, by having my racing cars painted by the leading artists of the time.” Paragraphimage Renowned artists such as Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, A.R. Penck, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, and Olafur Eliasson have since painted and parked their art cars next to Calder’s original. Currently, there are 17 vehicles, the latest one contributed by artist Jeff Koons in 2010. Normally the BMW Art Collection tours around the world and is displayed in museums. This year, BMW has created a 40-minute film extensively documenting each vehicle and posted it at Fans can view numerous images of each vehicle, listen to the artists speak about their creations, and get reactions from some of the art world’s most famous personalities. “After four decades and a total of 17 BMW Art Cars, they can now all be admired by everyone,” Bill McAndrews, head of BMW Group Corporate Strategy and Communications, said in a statement. “ The interactive website pays homage to the collection, unique in the history of the automobile and the arts. Whilst the originals are often exhibited individually at the BMW Museum in Munich or at significant cultural institutions throughout the world, people are now able to discover for the BMW Art Cars in their entirety. A comprehensive online tour is now available anywhere and anytime.” A preview of the 40-minute film is below.

Source: BMW

  • Alexander Calder Bmw Art Car Front Left
  • 2007 Bmw H2r Project Olafur Eliasson Your Mobile Expectations
  • 1999 Bmw V12 Lmr Jenny Holzer Art Car Top Front Right
  • 1995 Bmw 850 Csi David Hockney Art Car Front Left
  • 1991 Bmw Z1 Ar Pench Art Car Top Front Left
  • 1979 Bmw Andy Warhol Art Car Left
  • 1977 Bmw 320I Gruppe 5 Rennversion Roy Lichtenstein Art Car Front Left
  • Bmw 3 0 Csl 1976 Frank Stella Art Car Front Left
Calgary Dodge
Calgary Dodge

Vivid colors. And wow, they had a car designed by Andy Warhol? This is a feast to the eye, I hope the BMW art car tour goes to our country. Absolutely magnificent creations!