Video of the Day: Civic Si Battles a Monochrome and Selected Color Future

By Jason Davis | December 17, 2012
Don't worry, guys. If ever the future became an animated, monochrome and selected-color urban industrial wasteland, two front-wheel drive Honda Civic Si's will horde off a cornucopia of Mad Maxian-like bad cars to save us all. Or, so Honda imagines. (Or, did we miss the point?) We're not entirely sure what's going on between Agent White and Agent Black in this video, but it appears to be some kind of race between the sport compact sedans and…whatever those other vehicles are. Dump Trucks? Mustangs?
Mostly, the video is just a two-minute and sixteen-second long badly-animated dream showcasing the Civic Si's sporty agility and interior features. But again, it's an animated hip, and the edginess just misses the mark. It used to be that when Honda mis-stepped, we could sigh, shrug, and utter "In Soichiro we trust," largely having faith in occasional dreamcars like NSX and S2000 and anything badged Type-R. Lately, we've been wondering, though. Videos like this don't help.

Source: Honda