Video of the Day: Drive Small Car? Don't Drive Fast!

By Jason Davis | October 21, 2011
Even non-enthusiasts have probably heard of Top Gear. The British automotive television show is one of the most popular shows in the world, and has spawned numerous other versions, including an American one last year. However, there's another British car show known as Fifth Gear that, while not as popular, has become known for its fantastic, and "hard-hitting" crash tests. Its newest test demonstrates why drivers of small cars should consider not driving fast. Witness this Ford Focus hatchback meeting a wall. Head on. At 120 mph. After the collision decimates more than half the car, its smashed carcass rests vertically upon itself. Nothing remains of the interior. The result is what the host says could be a modern "work of art."
Though there were no actual crash test dummies for the test, the sight of the smashed mannequins is enough to send even those with the hardest stomach to wince. The idea behind the test—besides satisfying automotive snuff-film fans—is to see just what happens if a compact car gets into an accident at its top speed. The results, predictably, aren't very pretty. Is the video effective? Yes. Yes it is.


Source: Fifth Gear

Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott

The video is really a great help to warn us to drive safely and avoid over speeding, else it will cost us our lives.