Video of the Day: Epic Mini Wanderlust

By Jason Davis | July 08, 2011
Motoring enthusiasts have been known, at various stages of our lives, to explore the open road. The road trip is as American as Baseball and Apple Pie, and it's as much a part of my childhood as it is for my children. Whether we drive to escape the doldrums of office life or just to explore a national park, one thing the Griswold’s have taught us is that some of life’s greatest adventures take place in a car. Wanderlust Mini driver, Emily Stemmerich, can relate. For her epic 7819-mile trek across the U.S., Stemmerich, aka “Unixgal,” won a 2011 Mini Countryman after submitting her YouTube video-diary to the Mini Countryman Wanderlust Contest.

The video chronicles her exploits off the beaten-path, zig-zagging through 28 states in just three weeks. As an avid “geocacher,” Stemmerich found over 120 caches strewn across the country, including one that was only accessible by reaching out of her sunroof after parking her Mini Cooper, “Samwise,” underneath a giant vehicular-spider sculpture.

Other unforgettable adventures include fierce thunderstorms in Oklahoma, hail and tornadoes in western Tennessee, street flooding in Arkansas—as well as seeing engorged Mississippi and Missouri rivers, snow in Yellowstone, and getting stuck in Cody, Wyoming due to an Avalanche. For most road trips, the means, not the ends, is the reward. Thanks to Mini, Stemmerich got to eat her cake and have it, too. Do you have a road trip story to tell? Please share it below! Source: Mini