Video of the Day: Episode I - Cadillac ATS versus Nurburgring

By Joel Arellano | October 25, 2011
The Nurburgring is a racetrack located in Nurburg, Germany and is considered one of the most demanding tracks in the world. Successfully navigating the "Green Hell", with its long stretches of open road abruptly broken by elevation changes and more than 150 twisting turns, requires superbly engineered cars and focused drivers. Lapping the Nurburgring successfully and, for automakers and car enthusiasts, swiftly, is the mark of a genuine sports car. Thus it's no surprise that General Motors brought its upcoming Cadillac ATS to Nurburgring. The automaker has released little information on Cadillac's latest model which is slotted under the CTS and whose nearest competitor is the BMW 3 Series. The American automaker wants to make sure its luxury sports sedans can not only match the German competition pound for pound, but that the car enthusiast community—which loves all things German—knows it as well. Check out the (barely) camouflaged Cadillac ATS as GM technicians plunge it again and again in the Green Hell.

Source: Youtube