Video Of The Day: Ferrari 599 Takes On Its Past With an F40

By Blake Z. Rong | October 03, 2011
For a certain generation (namely myself), there are a handful of culturally defining, formative moments. In my case, it was the opening video to Need For Speed II SE that got me involved with this silly car business. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here: a Jaguar XJ220 versus a priceless Italdesign Cala prototype, racing on public roads in a jerkish, arrogant manner. It’s an attitude that defined the NFS series before it moved onto schlocky CGI, hot babes, and tacking plastic to Honda Civics—an attitude that Ferrari has replicated, in unsurprising fashion. Those of you waxing nostalgic will look at the F40 and snark: “oh, remember when Ferrari built good cars?” But that’s missing the point. The 599 GTB may weigh more than the F40’s weight of a gnat’s jockstrap, but as Ferrari’s current flagship alongside Ferrari’s former flagship, it’s a beautiful, dramatic piece of cinematography that doesn’t lead much to interpretation. Naturally, Ferrari advises you not to do this—that’s why they say it’s a “fictional race” in the beginning With a slew of red-blooded Maranello sleds crashing with clockwork regularity, this sort of behavior might inspire the ire of angry, jealous enthusiasts—especially if the F40 gets its Kevlar body crinkled. But the idea of two of Italy’s finest blasting through the desert leaves a sort of indelible mark that—even after 20 years and a lot of brain cells killed through whiskey—still resonates with a certain section of memory. If you grew up on an impressible automotive experience, the video below should be exactly in tune with it.

Source: YouTube