Video of the Day: Fiat 500 Abarth Goes Topless in Latest Ad

By Trevor Dorchies | December 04, 2012
How can you make the Fiat 500 Abarth even better than it already is? Simple. Give it a better way to listen to that unmistakable exhaust note by having the ability to remove the roof. What about raising awareness about the new variant of Fiat's subcompact scorpion? That's easy too. Find a beautiful Romanian supermodel to wear a bikini and let a scorpion walk up her leg and onto her back. The rest will write itself. The 2013 Fiat 500c Abarth debuted at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show last week and, like its hard-top sibling, it didn't disappoint. Like the rowdy hard-top version, the 500c Abarth is powered by a 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo engine that produces 160 horsepower. Each of which escape with a burbling snarl and guided by a five-speed manual transmission. Unlike the hard-top variant, the 500c Abarth has a power cloth top roof that retracts to right above the rear spoiler. If you're tooling right along and decide you want to remove the roof, you can do so even when traveling up to 50 mph. Usually soft-top convertible tops impede on trunk space but the 2013 Fiat 500c Abarth has a "parallelogram" liftgate with hinges that open up around the now folded roof. There isn't much left to do now except watch the new commercial below. We think it's safe to say the ad does the trick and delivers its message...but we don't recommend letting a scorpion crawl up your leg and onto your back. Unless you're a Romanian supermodel, obviously.
Source: YouTube, Fiat