Video of the Day: Hyundai Veloster Goes Golfing, Hole in About Forty-Six

By Matthew Askari | January 27, 2012
Today's video of the day comes from the fairway, where a Hyundai Veloster Rally Car subs in for a traditional golf cart, and ace driver Rhys Millen does some expected drifting (shocker), and even a doughnut or two. But the payday comes at the end of the short video. Set to some tranquil springtime-has-arrived-and-we're-golfing-in-idyllic-New-Zealand music, the video sets up with Millen's buddy taking a swing, and the two hop in the car as Millen races off to catch up with the ball. Millen and his golf buddy cruise off the green and into the woods, onto an unpaved pebble road, while meanwhile the ball is supposedly gliding above at slow speed, and as Millen does a doughnut around the hole and stops, the ball pops off the front of the car, onto the green, and...hole in one. What actually makes the video though, is a little blooper sequence afterward that's pretty darn funny. You'll just have to watch, and trust us:

Source: Hyundai