Video of the Day: Jaguar and Land Rover Make Best Job Recruitment Video Ever

By Jacob Brown | December 14, 2011
Stuck in a dead-end job you get chest pains thinking just about when you wake up in the morning? Would you rather work someplace a bit more…fun? Jaguar and Land Rover may have just the place for you. This career recruitment video posted on YouTube from two of the last vestiges of what once was called British Leyland decided to go ahead with an addictive-to-watch video of remote-controlled replicas of the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover LR4, and Jaguar XK painting a canvas with their tires. At times, you wonder if the skilled person behind the remote is really controlling the drifts through the sludgy green and blue paint or whether there’s actually someone secretly piloting the vehicles from behind the wheel. There are no special effects, though; it’s all done via radio frequencies and a lot of trips to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. Click the video below to see the art in motion for yourself. Doesn’t it make you want to apply for a job right now? Source: Land Rover/Jaguar, YouTube