Video of the Day: Jeep Shows off Concept Lineup Ahead of 46th Annual Moab Easter Safari

By Trevor Dorchies | March 29, 2012
Could Jeep finally be adding a diesel  and Wrangler-based pickup truck to its lineup in the near future? That may be the case as the Detroit-based automaker is showing off six vehicles, some that will be available to the public and some may not,  before and during the 46th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari starting next week. "We try to transfer everything we put into a prototype into production," says Pietro Gorlier-President and CEO-Mopar Brand. "And normally what you see as a prototype at Moab is going to be in production and accessible as a performance [part] and accessories next year." That could be a good sign for those waiting for Jeep to bring a pickup back to its lineup. To find the last time a pickup truck wore a "Jeep" nameplate you'd have to go back two full decades to 1992. The Comanche was a revised version of the Cherokee SUV and was in production from 1985 to 1992. Now, ten years later, is it possible that Jeep could be bringing back a pickup truck?
"For me, when we think about how Wrangler develops into the future, there are a few things we get constant feedback on," says Mike Manley-President and CE- Jeep Brand. "One is diesel and [the other] is [a] pickup. Obviously you need to be careful when you take a vehicle like Wrangler into its next generation." Check out the video in its entirety below to see what else Jeep has brought along on the latest safari.

Source: YouTube


It would be nice if the next Wrangler could actually pass an IIHS crash test. I should note that although the Wrangler gets a POOR side and rear crash test rating, it rates GOOD for the frontal crash test.