Video of the Day: Nissan 370Z Nismo vs. Man Falling from Sky

By Keith Buglewicz | October 03, 2013
Nismo is the in-house high-performance brand for Nissan. Short for Nissan Motorsports, it sells a wide variety of parts for Nissan vehicles, and even has its name gracing a special version of the company's two-seat sports car: the Nissan 370Z Nismo. We drove one; it's fun, but a little harsh for every day. But after watching the video below, we're forced to admit: If we had to race a guy in a wingsuit down a mountain, the Nismo would probably be a pretty good choice. Here's the thing, as best as we can make out from a Google-translated version of the French website below. Nissan wanted to show off how awesome its Nismo 370Z was, seeing as how it has been revised for this model year. So it grabbed driver Peter Pyzera--a 2012 GT Academy winner--and put him behind the wheel of a white Nismo Z on the famed Susten Pass in Switzerland. But, however cool it may be to see a great car on a great road, it needed some tension, so they hired base jumper Dave Barlia, put him in a wingsuit, and had the two of them race. Sound crazy? Of course it does. Will you watch it? You bet you will, because it's a car racing a guy falling gracefully from a cliff. Take a look below. There's the actual promo video, along with a making-of that's also worth a look. While we're pretty sure nobody on staff will try such a stunt--at least not on company time--we're glad there are some out there willing to risk their lives for our amusement, and some product promotion. Nismo vs. Wingsuit Nismo vs. Wingsuit: Behind the Scenes Source: YouTube via Le Blog Auto