Video of the Day: Nissan ZEOD RC Will Race at 2014 Le Mans

By Trevor Dorchies | June 23, 2013

Remember the Nissan Deltawing? You know, that crazy race car that could double as the Batmobile? After a bit of a rough start (DNFs at 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 2013 12 Hours of Sebring), Nissan is back at it again, and is introducing the ZEOD RC, which the automaker claims is the fastest electric racecar the world has ever seen, reaching speeds of more than 186 mph. The ZEOD RC, which stands for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car, will officially bow at the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hour next year. The difference between the ZEOD RC and its twin, the Deltawing, is an all-electric drivetrain. A lot of folks who were in on the Deltawing program are also helping out on the ZEOD RC, as to be expected. The guy who designed the Deltawing, Ben Bowlby, also had his hand in the ZEOD RC, as well.


The ZEOD RC will enter into next year's Le Mans 24 Hour competing in a special category known as "Garage 56." This new category features vehicles sporting the latest racing technology but expect all eyes to be on the ZEOD RC. It should be interesting though because Nissan has admitted that its battery technology isn't quite up to snuff with the demands of a 24 hour endurance race. The ZEOD RC uses the same battery technology that powers the Nissan Leaf road car. However, once the kinks have been worked out, Nissan hopes to take what it has learned, as well as the technology it has been honing, to return to Le Mans P1 competition, and, most importantly,  be competitive.

In today's installment of Video of the Day, we have the ZEOD RC in its natural habit, and a few minds behind Nissan's latest demonstration of electric drivetrain technology. The ZEOD RC isn't alone, either, as the Nissan Leaf gets a healthy portion of screen time as well. Check out the video below to see the ZEOD RC and Leaf in action for yourself.

Source: YouTube