Video of the Day: One-Off BMW Zagato Coupe

By Matthew Askari | May 29, 2012
With the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa D'Este having just taken place on Italy's picturesque Lake Como, new videos highlight one of the show's primary stars, the BMW Zagato Coupe. The Coupe is the product of collaboration between the two storied automakers, and the videos, beyond giving us a better look at the one-off, feature designers from each side talking shop. The idea with the BMW Zagato Coupe was to create an extraordinary, eye-catching vehicle that would make you want it at first glance. A quick survey around the office tells us they've beat that goal by the widest of margins. The coupe bears a resemblance to the BMW Z4 Hatchback, but with a more dynamically styled body, and more prominent grille and rear end. As you can see in our last video, it's also got a distinct exhaust note.

Source: BMW, Marchettino

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