Video of the Day: Rich Guy Hoons a Rolls Royce Phantom

By Jason Davis | December 14, 2012
Everyone loves a grassy burnout. And a great sense of humor. Even the rich, apparently, like this guy, who completely destroys my perception of snobby, Rolls-Royce drivers. I'm a car guy, so I'll never have a disposable income. But say I did. I'd buy all my favorite cars, only I wouldn't lock them in a climate-controlled garage or put them on display like a rare Rembrandt. No, if I had a disposable income--or the key's to someone else's garage--I'd probably drive the snot out of every car I could now only dream about owning, and I'd love every minute of it. Which is why I think this guy, whoever he is, rallying across the rainy, puddle-soaked English countryside in his brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom, is pretty much winning at life in a capacity that none of us will ever know.
Of course, standard refrain goes here: The man in question was driving dangerously, so if you get the keys to your dad's Rolls-Royce Phantom, do not drive like this at home.

Source: TaxtheRich100, via YouTube