Video of the Day: Saab Driving Team At IntSaab 2011

By Sam Grossman | August 09, 2011
Lost in all the headlines about Saab's current misfortunes is the fact that the company actually has an interesting history beyond who owned it at any given time. Many people forget that Saab initially began as an aircraft maker, and its fighter jets are a mainstay in the Swedish air force and others around the world; hence the "Born From Jets" slogan it used from 2007-2009. The Swedish manufacturer made the switch to cars in 1947, and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, in 1987 Saab formed a performance team (SPT) complete with Saab rally car drivers. Like the Blue Angels and other military aerobatic teams, the Saab performance driving team's acrobatics and precision formations have brought fans to their feet in numerous venues since their debut. Between new model launches and auto shows the team racks up about 30 events a year. Most recently, SPT put their show on display at IntSaab 2011, in Finland. The quick video features two Saab 9-3 convertibles one directly behind the other, slaloming through three tall, orange road markers. The idea, at least from Saab's point of view, is not just to showcase the driving ability of the drivers, but the handling of these Swedish cars.
Check out the teaser video of the Saab Performance Team below. A longer video is promised soon.

Source: YouTube

Oil Change
Oil Change

I would love to go see one of their performances. I've been to a few stunt shows before in the past and they are a blast. I wouldn't go as far as to liken it to the Blue Angles, but the stunts they perform are impressive nonetheless.