Video of the Day: Scary Crash Test Shows Automatic Braking Systems are Needed

By Sam Grossman | July 28, 2011
Ever look in your rearview mirror while sitting in traffic and see an 18-wheeler behind you, gaining ground quickly, as you sit in your car sweating helplessly, heart racing, praying it stops in time? It's an intense, scary feeling. We all know how big and heavy these trucks are, and their notorious lack of stopping power. To help push for stiffer European regulations, including mandatory automatic braking systems, Germany's equivalent of the AAA published a video that's sure to get your attention. The ADAC is Germany and Europe's largest automobile club, and the crash test video shows a large LKV truck smashing into two smaller cars – a Renault Megane and Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon – at about 43 mph. The results aren't pretty. It straight demolishes the little green Renault, while also totaling the Lancer. This video truly shows the force and danger behind a big truck like the LKV, and it can make even the most ardent Libertarian consider government intervention to make Emergency Brake Assist systems mandatory for large trucks. Hearing it from me really doesn't do a justice, so check out this terrifying video for yourself. Skip to about 1:25 to see the action, and watch to the end to see automatic emergency braking systems in action.

Source: YouTube