Video of the Day: Snake on a…GMC Yukon!?!

By Jacob Brown | August 01, 2011
No, this isn’t a sequel to a Samuel L. Jackson flick. And no, the snake seen on the windshield of driver Rachel Fisher’s GMC Yukon wasn’t even poisonous, as much as the husband in this video, Tony Fisher, claimed it to be at the time. All told, if this were a movie, it would be far more PG than R. In spite of quashing such worries, this video of a harmless snake travelling the width of the Fishers’ hood with the kids in back still provides enough entertainment for a feature-length flick despite its short two-and-a-half-minute length. While the Rachel and Tony sit in front as the snake makes its way from the passenger to the driver’s side mirror, they yelled and screamed in fright. Their three young kids’ reactions were more subdued, if not humorous, as they sat in the back yelling “Snakey! Snakey!” while their parents sat in horror.
Like most PG movies, this incident ended with a happy ending — unless you’re a fan of the snake. Says the Rachel of her trip through Tennessee to the New York Daily News: "We assume the engine just got too hot and it went looking for a cooler place.”

Source: YouTube via New York Daily News