Video of the Day: Staying Safe

By Automotive Staff | February 04, 2013
Quick: Do anti-lock brakes make you stop faster? How fast do airbags inflate? And can you explain exactly what "adaptive" cruise control is adapting to? If not, then you'd better go take a look at our latest Cars, Simplified video: Staying Safe. We cover what these technologies do, and debunk a few myths along the way. Car safety used to be a pretty simple, straightforward thing: You drove the car, and if something happened, you hit the brakes and maybe steered around it. But modern safety equipment has taken things to a level unimaginable just a few short years ago. Thanks to brakes that don't lock (the sensibly named anti-lock brakes), spinning out under hard braking is virtually unheard of these days. If you're in a modern car, you could literally be surrounded by five different airbags ready to cushion the blow from any accident. And adaptive cruise control has made long-distance trips even easier. Want to know how? Then go check out Staying Safe, and be sure to come back soon for our next video, which helps you determine what kinds of fluids are on your driveway, and whether you should be worried.