Video of the Day: Watch A BMW 3 Series Get Made

By Trevor Dorchies | July 22, 2011
Ever wonder what it takes to build the "Ultimate Driving Machine?" In today's Video of the Day, BMW transforms a pile of steel, rubber, glass and paint buckets into the ever-popular 3 Series, literally from the ground up. The video starts off showing a forklift picking up a piece of sheet metal. Just over four minutes later, a new, white BMW is snaking around corners and cruising down the road. The 3 Series line-up offers several models that can entice all types of drivers, from the base 328i or the cult-figure M3. Offered in a coupe, wagon, sedan, and convertible, the line's versatility makes it BMW's most popular model worldwide. The on-board look of the 3 Series being assembled gives an in-depth look of how the sheet of steel changes multiple robotic hands and over time turns into the popular BMW. What makes the video interesting is the camera angle. It's fixed on the car as it's assembled, riding along on the production line. As the car passes from stage to stage having its frame assembled, getting dipped into a pool of primer, and even in the paint booth, the whole thing is caught on film. Once the exterior is complete, the interior gets installed as carpeting and wiring are put in place. Seats and other interior trim flesh out the rest of the interior accents. Finally, the engine is installed, the final touches are added and the new BMW  rolls off the line. Check out the video of the 3 Series being assembled in its entirety right here…but you might want to turn down the cheesy Euro-pop soundtrack.

Source: Bimmer Forum, YouTube