Video: Past Redline, Nissan GT-R Sets Record, 233 MPH Drift

By Matthew Askari | April 08, 2012
A couple weeks ago, the folks over at AMS Performance set a quarter-mile record in their AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R, recording an absurd time of 8.63 seconds and topping out at 172 mph. More than a few eyebrows were raised in surprise, but apparently that wasn't good enough— the AMS crew set out to set a new top speed record for the GT-R on the Texas Mile. Driven by Ivan "8sec-GT-R" Phipps (you can guess how he got the nickname), the crew pushed the modified Nissan-Supercar-Killer to the limit which you can see in the footage below. You can see the needle flicking the RPM redline, but what you don't notice--and what's truly scary--is the GT-R hits a snag in the road, causing the tires to lift and skid upon contact, which at extraterrestrial speeds can be a fatal misfortune in the hands of a less skilled driver. Fortunately, Phipps is not. Absurdly, the GT-R drifts to a stop after parachute deployment. You can catch the GT-R topping out at 233.1 mph and all the foolhardy action below: